Leon Magnus

When after fifty-six years of cuntinuous
play on the green cloth a veteran
can boast of his ability to play without
the aid of glasses, and that he has
not a gray hair on his head,it would
indicate he is entitled to a top position
in the longevity class.
 Born at Cincinnati, May 25. I851,and
starting to play early in life, Leon
Magnus has been prominent in the
game for over half a century. and while
he never attained to the stellar heights
of some of the old masters,he has trav-
eled this country far and wide,and there are few billiard centers in which he is not known. He has known the passing throng of experts intimately and played with all of them.
leon magnus 7                                                                                      Leon Magnus,Sr who died at the age of 82, was an Alsatian,born at Lebentau.He lived in Cincinnati at the time Leon,Jr was born.When Leon,Jr was three years of age the family moved to St.Louis where he learned all his billiards. At the age of I4,thanks to the teaching of his lather who was an expert angle billiardist,young Leon was able to take a fall out of the best players in the city.Leon recalls the fact that his father played one match using a broomstick for a cue and won it.Most of young Leon’s playing was done in the room of C.E.Mussey.then the leading room in the City.Mr Magnus was one of the first players to introduce three cushion   and even now rates as one of the best three cushion players in the world.
In 1878 Magnus won what was probably the first three cushion tournament(considered a world championship) of note
in this country. It was played January 14 to 31 with Magnus winning four games and losing one.The high average was 0.750 and the high run was just six points.Carter won second prize and Gallagher third.The high run made by Gallagher.
From 1881 to 1887 Mr.Magnus run the leading room in Dallas,being known as the Texas champion.In 1899 moved to New York and went into a mercantile business.In the season of 1910 Magnus represented John Doyle’s room in the National Billiard Association and finished fifth in a fairly strong field.
A match not on the record hooks was an impromptu affair at New Rochelle,
N.Y,where Frank Hoppe,Sr had a room. lt was a rainy day and Champion Willie Hoppe was visiting there.Magnus and Hoppe,Sr challenged Willie and his brother Frank to a three cushion game,and the veterans won by a small margin!
Mr.Magnus is a strong believer in the benefits to be derived from billiards and attributes his long life in careful living and the enjoyment derived from playing.
French translation with the help of Reverso.net
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