Dutch championship 472He could hardly believe it himself.The 22 year old Gert Jan Veldhuizen was shining with joy when he was crowned Dutch champion in Cadre 47/2 in Haarlo.”I had no shape,no confidence for months.I wasn’t ready for this tournament.”told the winner after the final in which defeated Raymund Swertz 200-58(1).
“Raymund is still the king of cadre and i knew that i could only be champion if i would play in the final in one inning.”For the young who trains with Patrick Niessen is his first title in the honors class.”I played so bad for months because i’ve trained in a wrong way.Many people train at wrong positions and with wrong choices.I happily went to Patrick just in time.It’s not that i felt favorite suddenly,but i had confidence that i could use in the right moment.”Raymund Swertz finished second,Van Raaij and Micha Van Bochem third.
cadre 472
1 Gert Jan Veldhuizen  28.40  200
2 Raymund Swertz  52.41  192
3 Roij Van Raaij  28.91  128
3 Micha Van Bochem  30.03  195
5 Ian Krieken  28.38  170
6 Martin Egbers  21.05  124
7 Sam Van Etten  46.47  200
8 Rene Luijsterburg  18.53  172
9 Peter De Bree  20.25  78
10 Germ Bot  15.7  120
11 Martien Van Der Spoel  20.15  95
12 Dennis Timmers  24  164 
Roij Van Raaij-Rene Luijsterburg:200-97(7).Dutch Championship 2014.