Johnny LaytonJohnny layton was born in Sedalia,Missouri in 1887.He was one of the most versatile men in the game.He had been boxer,baseball player,wrestler and one of the best fishermen.A jovial personality and one of the sharpest mathematical talents in three cushion game.Willie Hoppe,Welker Cochran,Augie Kieckhefer held the worlds three cushion title but when they had to choose the greatest three cushion artist of all time,they generally agreed on one name-Johnny Layton.Johnny started as a pocket billiard player and was Sedalia’s first ever national champion(in pool or any other sport)and the crowd was always behind him for his quick and confindence style,sometimes using his right hand or his left.He won his first world’s pool championship in 1916.He then became attracted to the three cushion variety and within four years was world’s champion in that style.


Left to right:Gus Copulos(inventor of the Plus two system),Hoppe,Layton,Reiselt.1928.

Few billiard players had the records which follow Layton’s name.There are the 50 points in 23 innings,made against Charley Jordan in New York in 1930.He had a high run of 19 points,2,423 average in a match against Kieckhefer in 1930 and of course his 1,3 average in 1928 world three cushion championship.He was credited with originating the method of using the diamond system,using table markers to indicate direction of ball rebounds,a style that he perfected through the application of his highly developed mathematical mind.He died of a heart attack in 1956.

Plus two system

The Plus two system