Billiards-Champion-Emile-WafflardEmile was born in Brussels in 1927.He was a student of Belgian professional player Marcel Van Leemput(who was student of Horemans)and a follower of the aesthetic billiard.This is the reason that didn’t like the free game and three cushion.For him the cadre was the pinnacle of billiard games.When he played free game intentionally didn’t use the americain although he mastered it.According to his philossphy the repetition of the position was tiring for the viewers.

His first european title was in one cushion,Lissabon 1956.The average was 4,52 and the high run 38 points.In the 50’s he was the best player in the world in all Cadre disciplines with “professional”averages.From 1957 to 1960 won eight european championships(4×71/2,3×47/2,47/1).In 1959 in Berlin he became for the first time world champion in Cadre 71/2.The final game against Walter Lutgehetman evolved to a thriller but Wafflard managed to win 300-250 in four innings with a run of 154 points.In 1960 he decided to become professional player and joined several times in the Conti Academy in Paris.This lasted ten years.

Wafflard,CaudronHe returned to amateur status(the boundaries between professional players and amateurs had been practically abolished)and got his last 47/2 european title in Nice 1971,with the unreal average of 101,24.Because in the 60’s he didn’t play billiard,didn’t collect as many titles as his countrymen Ceulemans and Dielis.Wafflard was also 18 times Belgian champion.Here are some of his records in Belgian championship:Cadre 47/2-142,85(1972),Cadre 47/1-44,11(1970),Cadre 71/2-54,38(1976),One cushion-15,88(1972).After his great successes,he became a youth coach and among his most diligent students were Frederic Caudron,Patrick Niessen,Eddy Leppens,Peter De Backer and Philippe Deraes.He died of a cardiac arrest in 1994.