Guri 2014
Guri podium

   The spectacular development of the World Cup was reflected in the level of brands and games of the highest quality, excitement and spectacle in an atmosphere of public understanding and numerous people who formed queues at the ticket offices.The heat given by the public to the players in a country where the billiard dragging masses and the resulting media coverage prompted the local players, of exceptional quality,to the main tournament,which qualified for the first time a woman Therese Klopenhouwer.

Shows,that flooded many facilities and activities available to the public moved to South Korea have left a good impression at all that soon will enjoy the World Championship in Seoul.Guri 2014
During the event,President of UMB, Jean-Claude Dupont give certification that accredits HANBAT CUES as part of the sponsorship program UMB SUPPORTING COMPANIES to Hyuk-joon, General Manager of sale Team,in the stand of this international company of recognized prestige.
On November 26 to 30 the Top players travel South Korea to play the  World Championship and in December the World Cup Hurghada end the  World Cup Series  2014.
Eddy Merckx-Frederic Caudron:40-22(16).Guri World Cup 2014.The final.
Eddy Merckx-Luis Aveiga:40-19(21).Guri World Cup 2014.
Filipos Kasidokostas-Bum Hyung Hwang:40-37(21).Guri World Cup 2014.