Jan Dommering was born in Winschoten, Netherlands, 23 November 1882.He learned to play billiards from his father, at the age of ten. His father except from hotelier was a good player too.In the fall of 1907 he moved to Arnhem and at the corner of the station he opened hotel “Bristol”. About 1910 Dommering participated in national billiard competitions and started lessons with Edouard Horemans.In 1920 he won his first Dutch championship in Cadre 45/2(47/2).Dommering won ten national titles in this discipline,the last in 1937.In 1925 took his first European championship in Cadre 45/2.At the world championship in the same discipline two months later in Paris,overpassed the Belgian Theo Moons in the final 400-397,with a 53 points run in last inning and became world champion.After his return to his hometown of Arnhem he was greeted by thousands of people.
During world war II,he supported the local resistance in Arnhem.
After the Battle of Arnhem and the evacuation of the city,he continued to live in his hotel and worked together with the technical services to make areas of the city habitable again.After the war Dommering was awarded a medal of the resistance.At the age of 62 in 1944,he was a participant in the Dutch championship 71/2.He finished eighth and last in the tournament.Dommering was a honorary member of the Dutch Billiard Federation.He died on October 4,1958 in Arnhem.Almost thirty years after his death,was honored with a street in his name.
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