Pedro CarreraPedro Leopoldo Carrera was born in the city Tres Arroyos, Argentina, June 19,1914.He began the sport of billiards at the age of 14 and about 1932 was a player of the second category with 8 average.Then he met Antonio Pisto,veteran player and teacher and started training under his instructions.In little time Pedro was doing a big progress and reached 20 average.In the year 1939 he won the Argentinian championship in free game and 3 cushion.He had a list of fervent followers and fanatics and among them was Juan Duarte,brother of Eva Peron-wife of the Argentine president-who supported him for all his tours along Europe.
Pedro L. Carrera
In 8 June 1950 he was awarded the world championship in free game and in December the South American championship in free game again.In August of 1951 wins the Argentine championship in Cadre 47/2 and in November the world championship in the same discipline.October 1952 and in a Luna Park filled with fans(12000 people)Pedro crowned world three cushion champion.His average 1.070.The same year wins the Argentine free game championship with a new record of 147.66 average.August 1954 and another win for Pedro in South American Cadre 47/2 championship.A detail of this champioship is that they played with balls of synthetic material and not of ivory.In 1954 he made his last big win.The world championship in Pentathlon(free game,47/2,71/2,one cushion,three cushion).Enrique Navarra(cousin of the brothers)was second.Pedro Leopoldo Carrera was a Kind and generous man,of low profile, who earned a lot of money with so much rapidity like the way he spent it and started suffering the effects of such a life.Endless nights of gambling,alcohol and smoking 40 cigarettes a day.The decline came quickly for the winner of impeccable tuxedo with a white carnation.He died at the age of 49 on 2 September 1963.His remains rest in the cemetery of Azul,the city where he lived with his wife until the end of his days.