The French team of Oissel has won the team title in the classic games for the second time. In the final, the new champion defeated Chartres, the titleholder, 6-0.The new line-up of the Normandy team, with Michael Devogelaere as a rookie, Johann Petit and Austrian Arnim Kahofer, was a successful challenger in this battle, starting with the group matches against Chartres (Willy Gérimont, Xavier Gretillat and Jacky Justice) and team Ronchin (Brahim Djoubri, Jean- François Florent, Bernard Villiers and Pascal Dessaint).
With two wins against Ronchin 6-0 and 4-2 and two losses against Chartres 6-0 and 5-1, Oissel finished second in the group, won by Chartres.In the semifinals, Oissel with its President Daniel Millet first sparkled against the big favourite Soissons (Olivier Careaux, Pierre Soumagne and Alain Remond). After the victory Careaux in balk-line 47/2 over Devogelaere (250-43 in 4), Johann Petit and Arnim Kahofer set the pace for the final place by spectacular victories over Pierre Soumagne and Alain Remond: Petit defeated Soumagne 200 – 52 in 71/2 (4 innings), Kahofer won 120-58 in seven innings vs Remond.
The final between Oissel and Chartres was the third meeting between the two clubs. The first two were in favor of Chartres, now Oissel took its revenge.Michael Devogelaere defeated Willy Gérimont in 47/2 250-35 in three innings with a highest run of 179.Johann Petit offered his team to the gold medal by beating the Swiss Xavier Gretillat 200-55 in 9 innings and Arnim Kahofer completed the team triumph: he bested Jacky Justice 120-111 in 11.Andernos finished third with Soissons.
Olivier Careaux remained unbeaten in five games in 47/2.Top three averages game types :
Balk-line 47/2
1 Olivier Careaux, 50.00
2 Willy Gérimont 45.89
3 Mikael Devogelaere 29.89
Balk-line 71/2
1 Pierre Soumagne 40.23
2 Louis Edelin 37.50
3 Benoit Legros 28.57
One cushion:
1 Arnim Kahofer 12.27
2 Alain Remond 9.92
3 Jacky Justice 9.31.
Frits Bakker,Kozoom
Arnim Kahofer-Bernard Villiers:120-120(11).One Cushion game
Olivier Careaux-Nicolas Gerassimopoulos:250-11(3).Cadre 47/2