The feminine French championship in free game took place in Lunel from Friday to Saturday(16,17 May).Magali Declunder(left)has just been crowned champion of France for one more time.In all tournament her performance was impressive.In the final she defeated Veronique Ales 150-2(2).Apart from the first position in the championship,she managed to qualify for the European championships next year.Where she can aim at an eleventh title!Below are the results and a video from 2013 free game championship.
1 Magali Declunder    54,540
2 Veronique Ales    6,250
3 Celine Jacques    3,670
4 Brigitte Gaultier    3,560
5 Aurore Bellens    3,490
6 Christine Morel    2,4
7 Brigitte Carquet    2,21
8 Annie Chalumeau    1,520
Magali Declunder-Veronique Ales:150-13(3).French championship free game 2013.