I realize how easy is to confuse the raw beginner in Billiards with a dry fusillade of intricate ,complicated technical terms,diagrams and photographs.My instruction system always has been based on the theory that a sound billiard game is founded on the simple fundamentals and not on any complicated groundwork.I dwell only on the ABC’s of the game-the stance,grip,bridge,stroke,before going into fundamental shots.Through the explanations,photographs and diagrams in this book i show you what i know you should know and practice in order to enable you to develop your own game to its greatest possibilities.
You or anyone else who reads these instructions can become a good billiard player beyond the shadow of a doubt,if you follow them.Wishing you every success in the “Game for all”
Willie Hoppe 1941
Billiards as it should be played
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A classic book about free game and three cushion.
Due to copyright notice from Mr.Van Manen i had to remove his book.