From 21 to 23 February was held in Hoogeveen
Netherlands the
European Grand
Prix in one cushion.The best performance was for Jean Paul De Bruijn who took the first place with a fantastic match in the final winning Xavier Gretillat 120-19 in three innings.De Bruijn qualified for final defeating Dieter Steinberger in the quarterfinals 120-47(8) and Joan Espinosa in the semifinals 120-30(4).
Xavier Gretillat made a formidable impression in his last two games before the final.In the quarterrfinals he left Dave Christiani no chance winning 120-39(3) and in the semifinal against Frederic Caudron he made a big run in the first inning(93) and finished two innings later.Caudron needed for the draw 89 caroms but he missed after a series of 75 with a foul.The podium completed by Frederic Caudron and Joan Espinasa.The grand prix tournaments count for international rankings and selection for the world championships.
Complete results
Jean Paul De Bruijn-Xavier Gretillat:120-19(3).The final
Jean Paul De Bruijn-Joan Espinasa:120-30(4)
Dave Christiani-Janis Ziogas:100-42(7)
Jean Paul De Bruijn-Robby Sonck:100-35(8)