Ora C.Morningstar was born at Rochester,Indiana,November 1874.His varied talents come from his father’s side of the family.His father was a violonist.At the age of twelve with broom handles for cues he began playing billiards on a home made table placed on a store box in the wood shed.His outdoor training consisted of baseball,swimming,rowing and sailing on Lake Manitou.At the age of sixteen his father consented to his playing billiards in the Commercial Hotel billiard  room where there was one table.His progress was rapid both in billiards and baseball.At the age of nineteen he challenged Parker Byers for Indiana’s state championship.Byers donated the emblem to Morningstar saying he knew had no chance with the talented young player.
About that time Ora Morningstar visited Chicago to see  a mathchgame of billiard between Tom Gallagher and William Spinks.Ora played a practice game with Gallagher who wa surprised at the young’s ability and gave him his first encouragement for championship honors.Maurice Daly became interested in young Morningstar through Tom Gallagher and gave him a position in his New York Billiard Palace assisted in developing his talent.In this environment Morningstar made rapid progress.He had the opportunity of studying under Daly a former champion,Gallacher,Frank C.Ives,George Slosson, the great “student” and Ed Mclaughlin all of New York.Four years later he made a tour with Jake Schaefer(Sr) the “wizard” and this helped to broaden his reputation and his ideas of the game.The culminating honor was reached when he won the world’s championship tournament at the 18/2 style of balkline billiards at Madison Square Garden,New York,April 1909,where the other contestants were George Slosson,George B. Sutton,Louis Cure, French champion,Harry Cline,Calnin Demarest and Bert Cuttler.He returned to Chicago and taught billiards a short time but his love to Maurice Daly led him to return to New York and he was a teacher in billiards in Daly’s hall nearly a year.
Following this Morningstar became intructor and manager of the largest billiard institution in the world,The Grand at Pittsburg,operated by the Harry Davis enterprise company.The grand contained ninety-seven tables.He remained three years 1911 to 1914.While there he challenged Sutton for 18/1 world championship and defeated him in 1911.
The fall of 1914 Morningstar went to California.In San Diego Mr.Morningstar opened one of the finest billiard rooms to be found anywhere in the Union Building with twenty-seven tables.
During the winter of 1917 Morningstar and Koji Yamada,the Japanese champion,made a tour of all the important cities through the Northern States,playing exhibition games,in the course of which Mr.Mornngstar delivered short lectures on billiards.
Worlds Championship tournament at 18/2 balkline billiards was played at Chicago,Illinois,in the Congress Hotel,November 1921.The contestants and order in which they finish were:Jake Schaefer Jr,W.Hoppe,Welker Cochran,Roger Conti,champion of France,Ora Morningstar,Edward Horemans,champion of Belgium,George B.Sutton.Morningstar defeated both Europen champions finishing fifth in the tournament.His high run was 237,high average 50,general average 28.All contestants played better billiards than was ever played before which shows how the game has been improved by the present day masters.
Source:Chicago Billiard museum