Niessen 2013The performance of Patrick Niessen in balkline is often overlooked.Is it because there is  more attention to 3 cushion?Or because of the modesty of Niessen himself? The fact is that the 48 year old Maaslander too often remains under the radar.Let’s try to give him the attention he deserves.
Patrick Niessen was born in Leut( Maasmechelen ) on 12-06-1965 .He Lives in Bree(city in the Belgian province of Limburg) since 1988, is married to Lisette Hendrix and has a son named Maarten.At the age of 13 he began to playing billiards .His uncle  had a billiards cafe. The little Patrick was regularly visited and was irresistibly attracted to the green baize .He began playing frequently and his enormous talent was noticed.
At the age of 16, Patrick began to follow lessons with Tony Schrauwen and world champion Emile Wafflard in Brussels .He had quick progress and at the age of 19 he played in the top division with names like Raymond Ceulemans and Ludo Dielis. Twenty nine years later, Patrick Niessen has a list of achievements.The most notable are:Four concecutive times European 71/2 champion in the period 2002-2005 and his European title in free game back in 2000.Patrick of course can show a series of silver and bronze medals in European and world championships.
Billiards is his life now.He practice three hours a day and even more when he plays in Belgian championship.He says that the compact precise game needs lots of hours.Technical palyers can’t do without.He is also coach in Dutch federation and he teaches a lot.He work with a group of youngsters with future:Gert Jan Veldhuizen(European junior champion and 5th place in this year 47/2 Dutch championship with 49,9 avg),Guido Kaufeld,Ferry De Jong.He says it’s very rewarding to work with them.Niessen profile
Source:De Biljartballen,Kozoom
Patrick Niessen-Pavel Bohm:200-122(7).Euro Grand Prix 71/2,2013.