With his European title in 1954 Jos Vervest gave his visiting card to the
billiard world . The Ekerenaar would have numerous titles to his name and managed to train many later champions.The absolute winner , Ludo Dielis was one of his most famous pupil.

Jos Vervest was born in Ekeren on 29 March 1925.His unmarried mother Anna Maria Catharina Vervest
married in 1931 with Jake Jan Lambrechts , bakery and pub owner of the cafe
Perlak in Blisters Street.From an early age Jos sold bread
with his tricycle around market of
Ekeren and the Luchtbal district.

In September 1934, billiard BC Perlak founded in the café- bakery of his mother and stepfather , and
Jos was immediately bitten by the virus of billiards . Every free moment he practiced on
the billiard table in the cafe of his parents. He appeared to have more talent in billiards rather in bread business.Practice makes perfect and the first results appeared in 1940 when Jos won the Junior Championship of Antwerp.In 1944 he became Belgian champion in free game.

 After the Second World War Jos worked in the Billiard Palace at the Queen Astrid Square in Antwerp where he taught young players billiard and among them Ludo Dielis from Deurme.

In 1954 Jos in Lisbon won his first European title in free game.In Ekeren became a hero and organized a celebration for him.Jos with his fiancee,his stepfather and mayor Aertssens in a party meeting at school in Alfons Jeurissenstraat.After his marriage in 1954 Jos lived in ferdinand
Pauwelsstraat .He was no less than fifteen times champion
of Belgium , four times European champion and two times world champion.After
his active career devoted his life to the training of talented young players.He was one of the best teachers in billiards.
He died on September 27, 1999 in