schaefer-horemans 1928
Park the world’s 18-2 balkline billiard crown on the curly head of Edouard Horemans.The flashly Belgian took the bauble away from young Jake Schaefer in San Francisco,March 14.The title changed hands at San Francis Hotel when the score stood 1500 to 1190 in 54 innings.Horemans averaged 27,7 for the match,Schaefer 22,03.From which you may gather that Horemans as usual,was brilliant and uneven by fits and that Schaefer never did hit his stride.Jake was anxious to make a good showing in defence of his title.He lives right across the bay of Oakland.But he could not show his friends his real form.So he had to sit and watch Horemans lift the championship before a gallery that was appreciative if not as large as the importance of the great event.
This is the second time that Edouard has taken away Jake’s most treasured plaything.Before two years Jake won the crown back one month after the Belgian lifted it.Horemans won the first block and lost the lead just once.He started poorly failing to count in the first two innings.Jake was leading 100-18 when Edouard rallied.In the fifth inning he ran 154 high for the block and ran out his 300 points in eight innins.Schaefer had 193.
The challenger put 316 points between himself and Schaefer at the end of the second block.The score was 600-284.Horemans flashed a cluster of 194..He averaged 50 for this block playing almost faultlessly.Time after time his masse shots drew applause.In the third block Schaefer took his only lead of the match.Both played decidedly poor billiards.Schaefer,however,did squeeze out runs of 139 and 89.Horemans seldom got more than 10 at a time.It was an endurance contest with Jake showing character-persistence.Jake led 900-875.
Horemans, however, came back strong on the following afternoon.He clicked 248 in his best inning and stepped up to 1200-964 to begin the final block.The final block was all Horemans.His high run was 117.Schaefer made one final gasp with a run of 87 in his last trip to the table,but he could not keep going,failing on a three cushion shot.
Billiards Magazine 1928