erich hagenlacher 1926
Erich,former champion of Germany,gained the greatest honor of his career by defeating Jake Schaefer of Chicago 1500 to 1344 in their match for the world’s 18.2 title,at the manufacture’s club of Philadelphia,March 9-11,1926.To the great majority of billiard players the outcome was a surprise,but those who had seen Hagenlacher defeat Hoppe,in New York,believed the affable German had a chance against Schaefer and their surmises were correct.
Seldom in the history of billiards has been anything approaching the outcome of the first night play,when the mighty Schaefer was humbled to the tune of a 500-17(!!) score in 5 innings,with the champion on the short end.This block won the championship.A deficit of 483 points on the first night was a mountainous handicap to overcome and while Jake strove valiantly he failed.Hagenlacher owes his championship laurers to his ability to grasp the opportunity when it was presented.The German champion who will shortly become a citizen of the U.S. showed his fitness for enrollment under the Star and Stripes,in a most courageous manner by his remarkable triumph against Schaefer,considered by many the greatest player of all time.
The scene presented in the Manufactures club will be long remembered by the 800 enthusiast present.The same table which was the battle ground of the Class A tourney the week before was used.The magnificent ball room was decorated with American flags and the crowd included many persons prominent in the business and social life of the city.
cartoon hagenlacher
The scene presented in its quietness was the same that has prevailed for long weeks during Hagenlacher practiced-practiced-practiced.It was the budding period of his life,the blossoming of his game,the development of the scientific play,which reached its height with triumph over Hoppe.The gaining of the confidence that was his when he now approached the table.He forgot the crowd.To him it was another practice game.All that he saw was the ivories,the green baize,the playing space.With wonderful exactness he measured each shot.No sound broke the stillness of the big room except the even count off of referee Peterson.Slowly with deft touches,Hagenlacher played the ivories in close formation at the upper rail.His draw shots,pretty masse play,clever nursing,splendid control,delicacy of stroke held the attention of the audience.Although Schaefer tried he was not able to beat out Hagenlacher who maintained his mastery over the ivories until the final night’s play when Schaefer by a series of brilliant rallies cut Hagenlocher’s advantage.However Schaefer was never able to maintain his skill and was always in trouble.
Hagenlacher has gained the crown by hard study,constant practice and real balkline ability.Starting 13 ago in his home town of Stuttgart,the 30 year old title holder has improved rapidly.He was a pupil of Jahn Bruno in his early efforts.Gradually he mastered the intricacies of the sport and in 1915 was the champion of his native land.He extended his sphere of activity and in 1918 was champion of central Europe.Following a tour of Europe in which he played many famous exponents he came to the U.S. in 1922 and started match and tourney play.Horemans joked with Hagenlacher’s victory and said”Hagenlacher is the world’s champion,yet he has never beat me.How can he rate as a champion?”
Grand averages:Hagenlacher 27,42-Schaefer 24,5
Billiard Magazine 1926