This 1925 tournament taking place in the Congress Hotel in Chicago and marked the retirement of Willie Hoppe as champion and the crowning of Jake Schaefer proved the greatest ever played,the greatest from a record breaking stand point as well as in the wonderful performances of the players.In the seventh game of the tournament Schaefer defeated Hagenlacher 400 to 0,running out after winning the bank,a record in the world tournament play.But it was in the closing game of the tournament facing Hoppe,that Schaefer played the most magnificent billiards of his entire career.It took eight innings for Schaefer to give Hoppe one of the worst defeats he had ever experienced.As young Jake entered the eighth inning 296 points separated him from the coveted 400.Hoppe was out in front 173 to 104.And then Jake started.For the first time in the night the elusive ivories responded to the tap of his cue and as fast as referee Levis could call of the points Jake progressed to victory.It seems a far fetched statement to say that any cueist starting of after 296 points could satisfy any audience that he could do just that.But Schaefer did that that night.From the moment he scored ten points his audience sensed that nothing else would stop him that night.And nothing did.These 296 points Brought Jake’s grand average to 57.14,a new world’s record.These were the records made in this tournament:
                                     High Run       Single average      Grand average
Jake Schaefer                   400                   400                       57.14
Edouard Horemans          247                   80                         45.2
Erich Hagenlacher            228                   31.7                      22.06
Willie Hoppe                     197                   44.44                    28.75
Welker Cochran               308                   100                        27.41
Kamekichi Suzuki              95                    37.3                       15.84
Hoppe 400 Suzuki 316    Hagenlacher 400 Cochran 347    Schaefer400(10)   Horemans161
Horemans400(5) Suzuki12   Hoppe 400 Cochran 143    Schaefer 400(1) Hagenlacher 0
Cochran400(4) Suzuki112   Horemans 400 Cochran 266    Hagenlacher400(12) Hoppe299   Hagenlacher 400 Suzuki 367    Schaefer400(2) Cochran50   Schaefer 400 Suzuki 175
Horemans400(7) Hoppe36   Horemans 400 Hagenlacher 254    Schaefer400(8) Hoppe173
Young Jacob(Jake) Schaefer who won the championship when he defeated Willie Hoppe is the only son of the first Jacob Schaefer,for many years the greatest player ever known to the game.Young Jake was born in Chicago 1894.Just at this time all that is needed to prove “Young Jake’s” greatness as a player is a brief reference to some of the wonderful things he had accomplished at billiards without refering to his wonderful performances in the recent world championship.May 16,1921 at San Francisco set a world’s record of 51 average in a 4000 game against Horemans.In a week’s play at New York 1921 with the same player he averaged 47 with a high run of 436.Schaefer in a match with Dave McAndless at Chicago at 18.2 balkline made a run of 480.Schaefer’s run is exceeded only by the run of 701 points made by Edouard Horemans on January 15,1922,at Thum’s room,New York.
Edouard Horemans who finished second in the 1925 championship,was born at Antwerp,Belgium,April 25,1889,so that he is at the beginning of a career that this early has proven remarkable in the world of billiards.What makes him interesting and different from other players is the fact that he is left handed and no other player has ever been able to approach him in masse playing.Some of his masse shots have brought out generous applause from billiard fans.Horemans who has represented Belgium in the International 18.2 balkline tournaments in America on two different occasions is now the acknowledged champion of Europe.He won that title fairly and squarely by defeating Louis Cure in a match played at Paris,Antwerp and Amsterdam.That was a match of 1800 points played in blocks of 600.Horemans winning by the overwhelming score 1800 to 706.In that match Horemans made an average of 60 ,which he claims is the best ever made in a championship match.
 Erich Hagenlacher who finished third in the 1925 tournament,was born at Sttuttgart,Germany,July 25 1895.He has spent the last three years in New York playing the best balkliners that happened in there and holding his own with many of them.He has also played exhibitions with the leaders in Chicago and other cities.
 Willie Hoppe who finished fourth was born at Cornwall,New York,Oct 11 1887 and althought a comparatively young man has already earned a fortune at billiards.Hoppe has been balkline champion since 1906.Hoppe’s record for long holding of the title is the best.
Welker Cochran who finished fifth in the 1925 tournament,was born at Manson,Iowa,Oct 7,1896 and has been known for several years as one of the most capable and brilliant of all that galaxy of royal billiard players who have contested for world honors in the last few years.Cochran has often made marvelous records in long match games in which such masters of the cue as Schaefer,Horemans and Morningstar have faced him.In Detroit Cochran took a 3600 game from Horemans by a lead of 95 points only! [remember the first world championship won by horemans in 1925 after this tournament.He defeated Schaefer by 5(!!!!) points in a 1500 points game after a fault by Schaefer in the second block.Schaefer threatened not to appear for the final block and demanded a rematch in a month(outside regulations) in case he was defeated.In rematch,January 1926 he defeated Horemans with 93! average.Horemans made 55!The title Schaefer doesn’t hold too long.It was Hagenlacher’s turn…]Horemans took the second by 184 points lead.In Detroit Cochran led Schaefer over 500 points in a 2400 points game and in Brooklyn he led the champion 100 in a 1200 points game.In two games with Morningstar in San Diego Cochran won the first by 24(!!) out of 1200 and the second by 188 points.Cochran is a dashing,brilliant player,liable to win anybody at any time,but he has played in bad luck in the last two world tournaments
Kamekichi Suzuki who finished last,won his right to compete in this year world championship by winning the final challenge match in the junior professional balkline championship(world balkline junior championship) from Tadeo Suganuma,another Japanese player.Born in Japan about thirty years ago,Suzuki learned the rudiments of balkline billiards from Kodji Yamada,the first of the great players to come from the flowery kingdom to take part in a world’s tournament in this country.Suzuki arrived in New York with letters from Yamada and soon proved himself.
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