It was after the the 1921 international tournament at Chicago that B.E.Bensinger,president of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company,saw that a complete and international tinge was needed to create increased interest in the great 18.2 balkline billiard contest and to that end he set out for Europe with the intension of enlisting others of the best players over there in the world’s tournament which he had planned to take place in the hotel Pensylvania,New York,November 13 to 21,1922.
As a result of Mr.Bensinger’s trip to the other side,an entirely different color was given to the International of that year,no less than three foreigners appearing among the six starters included among them being Roger Conti representing France and Edouard Horemans,Belgium,who had taken part in the 1921 tournament and Erich Hagenlacher of Germany.These three foreigners in this International faced the three great American players,William Hoppe,Jake Schaefer and Welker Cochran.
In this International,according to the conditions ties for other than first position were not played off.They were decided by the respective grand averages of the players involved.Schaefer,Conti and Horemans each won three games and lost two.With a grand average of 30.94 Schaefer awarded second prize.Conti with 30.06 was placed third and Horemans with 28.69 fourth.The second and third were privileged to compete in a game of 1500 points to determine which would become eligible to challenge Hoppe for the championship.Schaefer defeated Conti and qualified to challenge for the championship.Hoppe defeated Schaefer and became absolute champion until the next tournament.These were the records made in this tournament:

                                        High run        Single Average       Grand Average
Willie Hoppe                     192                     55.55                      37.88
Jake Schaefer                    195                     55.55                      30.94
Roger Conti                      204                     41.66                      30.06
Edouard Horemans          244                     35.71                      28.69
Welker Cochran               140                     33.33                      23.91
Erich Hagenlacher            178                     31.4                        24.26
Results of Games played
Schaefer 500-Hagenlacher 328   Conti 500-Cochran 376    Hoppe 500-Horemans 177    Cochran 500-Hagenlacher 471    Schaefer 500-Conti 251    Horemans 500-Hagenlacher 301    Hoppe 500-Cochran 162    Conti 500-Hagenlacher 355    Horemans 500-Schaefer 321    Horemans 500-Cochran 405    Hoppe 500-Conti 203    Hoppe 500-Hagenlacher 462    Schaefer 500-Cochran 303    Conti 500-Horemans 303    Hoppe 500-Schaefer 283
The Prizes
Hoppe 3000$
Schaefer 1500$
Conti 1000$
Horemans 750$