Edouard Horemans first balkilne practice in America was at Joe Thum’s Academy 31st St and Broadway,New York City,the evening following his arrival from Belgium in December 1920.
His advent in America was expected and his great reputation as a player in Europe had preceded him and was the talk of billiardists throughout the states.
His arrival at Thums on that particular evening in December 1920 was unheralded,neither was he or his secretary(!!) recognized until he had been playing for almost three hours.The table attendant (Bill Gray) went to the desk for “a nice set of balkline balls for two foreign gentlemen”.This was about 8 o’clock.Around 10.30 the same attendant who by the way knew most of the American stars,went again to the desk all excited saying to the manager”that their foreign gentleman at table eight is a great balkline player and i believe he can beat Willie Hoppe!!He has been playing without a miss for over two hours!!”
The attendant then described in detail how the player minutely examined the table before starting play.He placed his full weight against it on one side,then the other,as if he expected to movie it.He struck the heave table legs with his fist,went down on his knees and examined all underneath the table.The rails,cushions and bed were also examined with great care.After examining the ivory he shot the balls around the table a few times apparently for speed of cushions.The desk manager eventually recognized Mr.Horemans from a photo published and made the great player welcome.
For some time afterwards Horemans practiced every morning at Thums and a few months later started the billiard world by running 701 at 18.2 under perfect tournament conditions(exhibition).Horemans opponent that evening was E.Knowles and the referee a well known amateur W.M.Manniman.In this great exhibition Horemans made his last carom at 12 o’clock missing an easy set-up,remarking to the manager through interpreter,that he never played billiards on Sunday.
Billiards Magazine 1926