1897 George Slosson
1898 Jacob Schaefer(Sr),Frank C.Ives
1901 Jacob Schaefer
1903 George B.Sutton
1904 Maurice Vignaux
1906 Willie F.Hoppe
1907 George B.Sutton,Jacob Schaefer
1908 George B.Sutton
1909 George F.Slosson,George B.Sutton
1910 Willie Hoppe
1912 Ora Morningstar,George B.Sutton
1914 Willie Hoppe
1926 Jake Schaefer(Jr)
1930 Welker Cochran
1931 Willie Hoppe
1938 Jake Schaefer
High run-game(500)points:140.Frank Ives, 1897
Special Average-game(500)points:31,25.Frank Ives, 1897
General Average-tournament:14,95.Frank Ives,1897
High run-match(1000)points:110.Willie Hoppe,1910
General average-match(1000)points:22,22.Willie Hoppe,1910
General Average-match(3600)points:34,61.Jake Schaefer,1926
High run-match(3600)points:243.Willie Hoppe,1931
General Average-match(600)points:42,86.Jake Schaefer,1938
 Note:The 1938 match between Schaefer and Cochran was not only abnormally brief(3 games of 200 points),but also of doubtful legitimacy.
Correction:In the”World 18.2 Championship” post,i added the Championship of 1926