FREE GAME(Small Corner)
1855 Michael Phelan-Damon.Three games of 100 caroms.Phelan won 2-1 with high run 9.The game took 7 hours to finish
1863 Dudley Kavanagh-Isidore Gayrand 150-140.High run 11(Kavanagh)
1865 Pierre Carme(fra)-Dudley Kavanagh 250-224,run 19,average 2,5(Carme)
1868 A.P.Rudolphe(fra)-Deery(usa) 150-100.Average 5,run 30(Rudolphe)
1871 Rudolphe-A.Garnier(fra) 600-420.Rudolphe’s average 5,5 and run 72
1872 Cerille Dion(can) made a run of 109
1873 Francois Ubassy(Vignaux teacher) won John Bessunger in a 800 point match with a 17,5(!!) average and 116 run
June 1873.World Championship New York.1 Albert Garnier(fra) 2 Cerille Dion(can) 3 Maurice Daly(usa) 4 Francois Ubassy(fra) 5 Joseph Dion(Cerille’s brother) 6 J.Deery.Garnier’s best run was 113 and best average in one game 12.Ubassy made best single average(one game)of the tournament with 17
1874 American National Championship Maurice Vignaux(first appearance in usa) won the tournament with 10.5 average and 159 run.Daniels made the highest run 249
The Billiard Monarchs.1874 Tournament
1876 William Sexton won the Central tournament in Philadelphia with 14 average and 287 run
1876 Rudolphe won the New York tournament from Sexton,Garnier and Slosson who finished as named.Rudolphe’s average was 16 and Slosson’s run of 311 set a new mark
1877 Sexton won Slosson 1800 to 976 averanging 24 with a record breaking 417
1879 Jacob Schaefer(sr) became the American Champion.Average 28,run 376.Slosson was second with 464 run and a record average 37
Jacob Schaefer(Sr)
1880 World Championship match,Paris(fra) Maurice Vignaux won George Slosson in a 4000 points match with 1531 run and 80 average.Slosson’s total was 3118 and run 1103
Maurice Vignaux                                The famous post of 1880 match in grand hotel
1887 Mc Kenna(usa) in a 5000 point exibition match with fred Eams made 2572 and 2121 averaging 416

14 inch Balkline
1890 Jacob Schaefer wins Mc leery with a 3000 points run

The Champions game(free game with big corner)
The first tournament was played at Tammany Hall,New York,November 1879.Sexton won first prize,Slosson second,Schaefer third,Maurice Daly fourth,Garnier fiifth.Slosson had the best general average 14 and Garnier had high run 147
January 1880 Schaefer became champion defeating Sexton 600-585.Winner’s average 18 and his best run 165
April 1880 Slosson beat Schaefer for the championship 600-470 with 236 run
October 1880 Schaefer beat the record with 312 run

Slosson’s Diamond Game
December 1880,Paris(fra) Vignaux beat Slosson 3000-2961.Winner’s average 29 and run 214.Slosson’s run 273(Το δυνατό σημείο στο παιχνίδι του Vignaux ήταν ότι μπορούσε να φέρει τις μπίλλιες εύκολα και συχνά σε θέση αμερικέν και όχι τόσο τα μεγάλα σερί που φυσικά μπορούσε να κάνει)
Paris 1882Slosson beat Vignaux 3000 to 2553 with a 398 run.Vignaux run was 394.After few years free game was abandoned by top professionals

                                    THE BALKLINE GAME
The first balkline tournament played April 6 1883.The lines draw eight inches from the cushion.Jacob Schaefer was first,Vignaux second,Daly third.Schaefer made 23 average and run 220.Vignaux 22 average and run 246

1883 Tournament
November 1883,Paris(fra) Vignaux 3000-Schaefer 2859.Vignaux run 165,average 28.Schaefer run 164
2 Lines Balkline game
Decenber 15 1883,Paris(fra) Garnier beat Daly 3000 to 2970 averanging 27 and run 238.Daly ran 309
1884 Paris Vignaux beat Schaefer 3000-2869.Average for Vignaux 44 and run 329.Average for Schaefer 42
January 1885 Schaefer beat Slosson at 12 inch balkline 800-719 averaging 14 with high run 109.Slosson ran 98
The X game
April 1885 First tournament at 14 inch balkline.George Slosson won with 18 average and high run 148.Schaefer average 15 and ran 97
April 1887 Schaefer beat Slosson 800 to 639,averaging 17 with high run 126
1892 Frank Ives-George Slosson 800-488,26 average and run 124 for Ives at 14 inch
Maggiolis game
1892 Frank Ives defeated Jacob Schaefer 800-499 for the World championship at 14 inch balkline.Ives ran 95 and average 16
1895 Frank Ives went to Spain in the Academy of Madrid and showed a run of 777 points at 14 inch balkline(Jake Schaefer jr had the opinion that Frank Ives was the greatest billiard player ever lived!!Unfortunately Ives died in 1899 at the age of 33)
1896 First appearance of 18.2(47/2)balkline with five shots allowed in Parker’s box(small anchor).Ives won Schaefer with 36 average and best run 200.Schaefer run 176
18.2 Balkline
1897 Appearance of 18.1(47/1)balkline with Parker’s box.Best general average for the year Ives 14.Best run Ives 140
December 1898 18.1 tournament in Chicago.Best general average Ives with 24.Best run Schaefer 138
1903 First amateur world Championship.Winner Louis Rerolle with 15,9 average
1921 World Professional 18.2 Championship.Winner Jake Schaefer jr with 51.3 world record average

Willie Hoppe and Jake Schaefer in exibition game 1925

                                                 ONE CUSHION
1883 Maurice Daly won the US Championship with 56 run and 6.5 general average
April 1896 Frank Ives made a run of 86 points
The same time in the Paris Academies the first class players beat world record at the balkline and One cushion!!
For more information read John Thatcher’s Book “Championship Billiards” 1898 Click to download