In all Europe,Firmin Cassignol is recognized as the greater artist at Billiards.His wonderful techique has on many occasions kept his onlookers almost spellbound.Hoppe’s play is marvelous and shows resourcefullness but when it comes to real close nursing such as “going through”,”hitting edges”,”masse”,one must see this European Champion to be convinced that he really is the finished artist of Billiards.He is 47 years of age and has been a professional only for the past ten years.He won the Championship for Europe in 1910 when he defeated Vignaux in Paris 500 to 310 at the 18-2(47/2)style of game.He has held the title ever since and all though there are several good players on the other side,no one has cared to dispute his claim and challenge him.

To give an idea what he can do in match play,the French records show that he beat Calvin Demarest(Usa) in a 6000 points match and averaged 72.On another occasion he played with Demarest in the Academy in Paris 18-2(47/2) and beat him five straigh games 250 to 0.In all these games he won the bank and after making the opening shot ran the games out.His best runs are 404,467,489 and 598.He also holds the World’s high run at the red ball game(ο παίκτης πρέπει να παίξει πρώτα από κόκκινη μπίλλια)of 106 and has also made 10 runs over 60 at this game.

At three-cushions,which is also played in the Academies in Paris,he has made three runs of 12,which imply that DeOro(Κουβανός πρωταθλητής κόσμου)has not got much on him.Since he has been in this country and playing practice games at Daly’s in New York,runs of 150 to 300 were almost daily occurences.On one occasion he ran 579(προφανώς εννοεί το 47/2).

Cassignol is now on his first American tour playing in conjunction with Welker Cochran of Chicago and under the direct management of Maurice Daly of New York.

Cassignol was born at Toulouse,France,July 14 1869,and it was not until he was thirty-five years of age that he made billiards his profession.Previous to that he played solely for amusement.


Απόσπασμα από αφιέρωμα του Billiards Magazine στον Firmin Cassignol,1916.